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Sailing Lessons


You want to learn to sail? Would you like to sail the seas and enjoy the solitude of the sea and the wind caressing your face? Well, with this app you will learn the basic concepts of navigation. You'll find lessons to get the title of Skipper of a Recreational Vessel that is a sailing qualification that empowers to govern recreational boats under Spanish flag motor and sailing. And also to obtain the Yachtmaster what is the degree of british. This app contains videos explaining everything you need to learn how to surf: - International code of signals. (Morse, Flags, etc) - Navigation lights at night. - Marking and safety marks. - Procedures of radio. - Obtaining of the prediction of the sea state for areas and dates. - Scales of wind and waves. - Alarm GARREO or BORNEO, - Learning to handle the compass with indication of the orientation (magnetic North and true), as well as the GPS positioning. - Maneuvers and approaches. - Information about Rescue at Sea